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Submit your Mother Goose ideas!!

Welcome to Mother Goose Express, where you will find lots of activities and fun things to do with Mother Goose!! There are coloring pages, games, crafts, recipes and many more activities for younger children, parents and teachers. There is even an area where you can view your own drawings, Mother Goose Express Bulletin Board. Just go there and follow the instructions and soon your drawing will be online!

Just click on the button beside the area you want to start with and have FUN! I will be adding more nursery rhymes from time to time so please keep checking back. And let me know what you think of this new area of Alphabet Soup by contacting me! Thanks!!

If you have any ideas for Mother Goose activities, please use the submission page above and let me know! I will post them with credit to you, of course!!

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Contributed Ideas

  • We do a Mother Goose theme every year where we study nursery rhymes with various activities. The part I like the best is at the end when we do a "Nursery Rhyme Festival". All the kids come dressed to school as their favorite nursery rhyme character, teachers included. Each teacher then holds a special Nursery Rhyme activity in her room and all the children rotate to each class and participate in every activity. It is amazing at the costumes some of the kids (parents) come up with. So that everyone feels a part, those kids that don't come in costume get a mask or some other article of clothing or object from a nursery rhyme to hold and use for their costume.
    Thanks to Marla!

  • Fairy Tale Food
    Beauty Sleep Treat

    Spread peanut butter in crevice of a celery stick. Take a marshmallow and rip off a piece about the size of your pinky finger. Place it in the peanut butter at the very top of the celery stick at a slant. Then, take one M&M and place it at the very top of the celery stick in the peanut butter( on top of the marshmallow) at a slant. Also, dig the M&M into the peanut butter a bit so it will look like only her head is above the blanket. Make sure that the piece of marshmallow is a bit bigger than the M&M. Optional- Sprinkle some sprinkles on top of the peanut butter. Now you have your Sleeping Beauty taking a nap!
    Thanks to Haley!

  • Three Little Kittens
    Do a mitten match for the Three little Kittens. Have a whole bunch of mittens (real or cut out) all mixed up and have the children work together to match them up into pairs.

  • Thanks to Melanie!

  • Hey, Diddle, Diddle
    For Hey Diddle, diddle, make a bunch of moons on cardstock and have the children jump over them. You may want to dress up like cows. Play like musical chairs, but jump over the moons.
    Thanks to Ang for this idea!

  • Baa, Baa, Black Sheep
    Wooly Sheep- On thick construction paper, have students trace their hand. Cut the hand shape and glue on some cotton balls. Do the rhyme "baa baa, black sheep"-- ***to make the sheep black, rub cotton ball onto dark pencil markings!

    Thanks to Angie for this idea!

    **Note: This would be a good idea to use with "Little Boy Blue" and "Mary Had a Little Lamb".

  • Karin writes, "Although it is not a nursery rhyme, I love teaching The 3 Little Pigs. We spend a lot of time talking about the Big Bad Wolf and that crazy asthma attack he seems to have around pigs!! I decorate a fan in my room as the Big Bad Wolf. Ears on top, nose in the middle, and big tongue and fangs hanging off of the bottom. I ask the children to keep their milk cartons at lunch. When the cartons are dry, we cut off the top and use paper to cover the carton. With markers we decorate them to look like small houses. I then open the room to the students, explaining that they may find 3 objects to place inside their home that make it heavy enough to stand up to the wolf's huffing and puffing. They search for objects and I get a table cleared off and mark an X with tape somewhat close to the fan at one end of the table. Each student gets a chance to explain what they put in their home and why. They then place the home on the X and I turn on the fan. If the house doesn't move...they did a great job. When all is finished, we graph how many houses moved and didn't move. As well as chart, objects that we realized were strong/light. The kids LOVE this activity!!" Thanks, Karin!

  • Itsy Bitsy Handy Spiders

    For the Itsy Bitsy Spider rhyme, I teach the children to make a spider with their hands. If you cross hands putting the right palm over the hand you make a spider with 8 legs and the thumbs are interlocking. We sing the rhyme moving our hands up and down. Afterwards as an art activity, we make handprints. The child can choose from black, brown or gray, we paint both hands and print them on cardstock over lapping the palms. We glue on googly eyes, and you have itsy bitsy spiders. When they dry you can cut around them, and thread yarn to hang from the ceiling, or don't cut them out and leave them on a page and have the children dictate a story.

    Submitted by Stephanie--thanks!

  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

    Cut out a star about 2 inches in size (I would use something thick like foam or cardboard). Put tin foil around to make it silver. I added glow in the dark stars that you put on your ceiling and also added clear rhinestones for the diamonds. I hung these from a silver pipe cleaner. The kids can hang these from their ceiling and they glow in the dark. Very cute when fiunished.

    Submitted by Wendy--thanks!