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Something New!!
Attention: Elementary and preschool teachers, daycare providers, Sunday School teachers!
Let's share our resources!! Send in your original worksheets and ideas and I will post them for others to print out! Check out Swap Shop!!

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If you have any educational articles, homeschooling techniques, activities for elementary aged children, parenting resources, hobbies/crafts, money-saving ideas, pet articles, or family time activities, please submit them and we will be posting them soon! We would love to hear from you!

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Attention Parents, Teachers, Homeschoolers, Everyone!!
Please join our forums and contribute your great ideas!!
We'll see you there!!

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Parenting Resources

3 Easy Packing Tips for Kid's Travel by Jessica Ackerman

5 Great Destinations When Traveling With Kids by Alyssa Davis

Getting Children Actively Involved with Poetry by Josie Whitehead

The Benefits of Reading To Your Child by Rhonda Gales

Tips For Caring For Your Child's Teeth by Rhonda Gales

The Web and Education--One Mom's Perspective by A.R. Linder

Activities for Active Toddler Boys by Rachel Paxton

The Importance of Toddler Routines by Rachel Paxton

Is Homeschooling Right for Your Family? by Kim Danger

How Busy Parents Can Stay Involved by Amanda Formaro

Believe in Miracles! by Donna Bliss

Learning to Share Conflict Resolution for Parents and Childcare Providers by Melissa Newby

Nanny Salaries - How much should you be paying? by Steve Lampert

Making Reading Fun by Angela Lewis

10 Fun Ways to Get Young Children to Eat Healthier by Angela Russ

100 New Poems for Children by Josie Whitehead

Decorating a Baby's Nursery with a Beatrix Potter Theme by Rachel Paxton

Baby Surprise by Laura Ruffner

Helping Kids Master Their Emotions by Robin Schafer

Hobbies/Crafts/Fun Stuff for Kids

newFun and Creative Party Game Ideas For Kids by Kaydee Grant

Falling Shapes Game for Children by Kim Proulx

Cure Your Child’s Winter Blues with Penguin Activities by Jolanda Garcia

20 Fun Ideas That Won't Break the Bank by Amanda Formaro

Art Recipes by Cathy Abraham

The Secret to Successful Slumber Parties by Amanda Formaro

Summertime Crafts for Kids by Rachel Paxton

Teddy Bear Toys by Darby Diana Beattie

Plan A Great Kids Treasure Hunt Party! by Deb Bromley

Marble Painting: A Fun Craft Project for Kids by Sunil Tanna

Craft Ideas for Adults

Patriotic Candle Jar by Amanda Formaro

Ice Cream- 5 Cents by Amanda Formaro

Online Competitors Opportunity for Arts and Crafts by Egb Systems

Educational/Teacher Help Articles

newK.I.S.S. (Keep it Super Simple) by Kelly Mikesell

Guided Reading in Kindergarten? by Kelly Mikesell

Pick Your (Academic) Battles by Kelly Mikesell

Teacher, I'm Done! by Kelly Mikesell

What's With All the Singing Anyways? by Kelly Mikesell

Parent Involvement and Participation by Cathy Abraham

5 Guidelines for More Effective Communication by Cathy Abraham

Ways to Foster Reading Strategies in Young Children by Chris Pettograsso
Tips for Cooking with Children in the Classroom by Cathy Abraham

Prop Box Ideas to Enhance Dramatic Play by Cathy Abraham

10 Ideas to Make your Parent Board Come Alive by Cathy Abraham

No Two 2 year olds are the Same by Terrienna Cullins

Keep It Simple by Jennifer Lugo

Uses for Liquid Watercolors in Art and Early Childhood Classrooms by Sara Kreutz

Teach to the Limit by Terrienna Cullins

Preschool Fitness by Michele Silence, M.A.

Holiday Ideas

new 'Tis Better to Give than to Receive: Easy Holiday Craft for Kids by Signe Whtison, LSW

Halloween- Poetry and Drama for your Classes by Josie Whitehead

Class Act Apple by Amanda Formaro

Knowledge Garden by Amanda Formaro

Special Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day by Jolanda Garcia

Create an Egg-citing Easter Celebration by Jolanda Garcia

A Leprechaun Visit on St. Patrick's Day! by Jolanda Garcia

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Your Kids by Jolanda Garcia

Homemade Valentine Cards by Rachel Paxton

What Lies in Granny's Crypt -ic Cupboard? (Halloween Makeup) by Robert Closs

Welcome to Our Patch by Amanda Formaro

Plan a Halloween Party They'll Never Forget! by Jolanda Garcia

Healthy Halloween by Jolanda Garcia

Salt Dough Halloween Creatures by Amanda Formaro

Salt Dough Pumpkin Patch by Amanda Formaro

Ghoulish Stick Figures by Amanda Formaro

Homemade Halloween Make Up, Bruises & Blood by Amanda Formaro

Jack O' Lantern Carving 101 by Cheri Sicard

Dried Apple Shrunken Heads for Halloween by Cheri Sicard

4 Low-Cost Halloween Craft Ideas by Nicola Kennedy

5 Healthy Alternatives to Candy This Halloween by Nicola Kennedy

5 Great Ideas for Children's Halloween Party Games by Nicola Kennedy

Goofy Spooks Halloween Cake by Amanda Formaro

Gentleman Ghost by Amanda Formaro

How to Help Your Small Children Have a Great Halloween in the Country by Nicola Kennedy

Do You Want to Know How to Make Halloween More Enjoyable for Toddlers? by Nicola Kennedy

Halloween Party Ideas- Decorating by Nicola Kennedy

Popular Characters for Boys This Halloween by Nicola Kennedy

Popular Characters for Girls This Halloween by Nicola Kennedy

Child Safety at Halloween- Which Colors are Safe to Wear? by Nicola Kennedy

4 Easy Ideas for Halloween Decorations for Your Yard by Nicola Kennedy

Enjoy Trick-Or-Treating With These 5 Easy To Remember Halloween Safety Tips by Nicola Kennedy

Baseball Plaque by Amanda Formaro

Painted Coffee Mug for Dad by Amanda Formaro

Best Dad Ever Keychain by Amanda Formaro

Best Dad Soda Can Hug by Amanda Formaro

Gone Fishin' Chalkboard for Dad by Amanda Formaro

Good Sport Foam Football by Amanda Formaro

Cottontail Cutie by Amanda Formaro

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas by Rachel Paxton

Pinecone Turkey by Amanda Formaro

Foam Turkey by Amanda Formaro

Rethinking Halloween by Cathy Abraham

Fun Family Activities to make your Christmas Season Memorable by Kaydee Grant

Christmas poems-Let the children perform them by Josie Whitehead

Send Free Mother’s day ecards From by Vikash Agarwal

Cooking and Recipes

Teaching Kids Chemistry While Baking by Jessica Ackerman

3 School Lunches a Child Can Make Themselves by Jessica Ackerman

Easy Autumn Apple Recipes by Rachel Paxton

Autumn in My Kitchen by Amanda Formaro

Money-Saving Ideas

Hitting the Bullseye: Strategies for Shopping at Target by Kim Danger

Save Over $2000 in Your Baby’s First Year by Kim Danger

Animal and Pet Articles

Bringing Your Mastiff Puppy Home by Sharon Medforth

Do You Know Your Dog? by Vincent Carney

So You Want to Breed Mastiffs by Sharon Medforth

Buying a Mastiff Puppy by Sharon Medforth

What to Look For in a Dog Supplement by Dr. Carol Osborne


Daycare Supplies by Lachlan Brown

Preschool Supplies by Lachlan Brown

Starting Your Own Home Based Business--The Easy Way! by Vipul Gupta

The Art of Gel Wax Candle Making by Roger Bussey

Are Those Money-Making Opportunities Real? by Vipul Gupta

Online Social Learning

How To Make Your House Stand Out

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